I’m a mountain dweller hailing from the beautiful state of Colorado. The minute I moved here, I fell in love with my surroundings. Not really knowing anyone, I immediately filled my time with exploring the Rocky Mountain trails. And thus began my immense love for hiking and exploring.

Hiking became a huge part of my life. It began with day hikes on the weekend and quickly expanded to solo road trips to camp and explore different areas of the West and multi-day backpacking adventures. I’m the happiest and most myself when on a trail, completely independent and surrounded by nature.

Fast forward to about a year and a half ago, I was sitting on my couch lost in YouTube land and one of the videos that autoplayed after one of the myriad of videos I followed down the rabbit hole was a short documentary about the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Pacific Crest Trail was one of those things that I filed away long ago under “amazing adventure that I’ll probably never get to do because who can take that much time off?!.” But it was something about the timing of the reminder… I had just had my hours drastically cut out of the blue at a job I had poured my heart and soul into for the past few years (sending me into a mad scramble to find projects to make ends meet). I was painfully single. No ties. Despite that, I was living in paradise, but felt like something that I couldn’t put my finger on was missing. I sat up straight, stared out the window at the mountains the surround me and said out loud “I need to do this.”

And so it began.

Preparing was an adventure in itself… researching, planning, prepping, freaking out, hustling, working, saving, freaking out, questioning, excitement, freaking out and EXTREME anticipation. And then, I started hiking.

And all of that nervous energy faded away into desert dust. It was a beautiful, grand adventure. I was challenged in every way imaginable. I faced – and crushed – just about every single fear I had prior to starting the trail. I met so many amazing, colorful people along the way. I truly loved life on the trail.

I struggled – still struggle – to put it to words once I completed the trail. This website is my attempt to. I also hope I can provide a helpful peek behind the curtain of what it takes to thru hike a long trail for future hikers.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and say hi! I hope you enjoy my words, images and videos.

Happy Hiking,