There’s one thing that is true: I HATE taking my pack off while I’m hiking. I will go to great lengths to avoid it.

I knew before I started hiking that I wanted to be able to reach as much gear as possible. I was also looking for a solution that would hold my Sony Alpha a6000 mirrorless camera, protecting it from dust and rain. I had planned on carrying the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip with the Peak Design Rain/Dust Shell. But this wouldn’t be enough in serious weather. I needed to somehow protect the camera without constantly having to take off my pack.

I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t extremely bulky and cumbersome to use. And then I found Thrupack. Specifically, the Summit Bum – UL. It’s a light (3oz), versatile, water resistant cuben fiber pack.

I reached out to the company outlining my needs and received a quick response. They suggested using a foam insert to customize according to my camera/gear specs.

Upon receiving the pack, I was impressed. It looked really nice. You can even pick a Comfy Strap (adds 1.2oz) to add a bit of flare and comfort. It was super easy to insert the foam into the pack and my camera fit perfectly. I also added a UL wallet, which connects to the pack itself. I really appreciated this feature, as I always knew where my license, money and credit cards were.

I tended to wear it on my hip, more like a saddle bag, since my camera was a bit heavy. This greatly reduced bouncing to the point that I barely noticed it.

I ultimately ended up sending my camera home to save weight. I just found I was too exhausted to mess with a nice camera. I found I was grabbing for my iPhone 8 over the Sony. But there was no way in hell I was going to get rid of my Thrupack.

It held up very well, given that I was using in one of the most extreme environments you could. I never had any issues, with the exception of a broken zipper. They helped me troubleshoot it in the field. And when I couldn’t get it sorted, shipped me a new pack.

It was probably the piece of gear I used the most. I always wore it while hiking. And it was what I toted around in town as a makeshift ‘purse’.

This company and its products were made by thru hikers, for thru hikers and it shows. I highly recommend them!